In the OBZOR range, you can find a wide variety of products, including distinctive home electrical installations and toggle switches designed for industrial use. All of these products are of high quality and reliability, thanks to years of experience, precise manufacturing, and thorough output control. In addition to products in the field of residential and industrial electrical installations, OBZOR also emphasizes the quality of all related production processes.

OBZOR Tradition - Industrial Cam Switches

OBZOR has been engaged in the production of cam switches for over 50 years, establishing a strong presence in both the Czech and international markets. These rotary devices are primarily used in industrial machines to switch, open, or toggle electrical circuits. The various series of VSN and VSR switches are designed for nominal currents ranging from 10 to 250 Amperes. In addition to industrial equipment, camg switches can commonly be found in everyday life, including welding machines, trams, trains, cable cars, as well as larger or smaller workshop tools used in gardens and homes.

From Cam Switches to Home Electrical Installations.

Experience in manufacturing cam switches eventually led to the development of home electrical installation devices for common households. Today, OBZOR offers sockets and switches in four model ranges:

ELEGANT – Introduced in 2003. The frames are characterized by subtle curvature on the sides and a wide range of available color shades, making them adaptable to any interior. High-quality UV-stable polycarbonates are used for producing the visible parts of the switches, ensuring both durability and color stability.

DECENTE – A successful collection launched in 2011. The design features a rectangular frame with a thickness of only four millimeters, available in various materials – natural wood in three variations, timeless glass in eighteen color shades, elegant metal, and even industrial concrete.

RETRO – This original series was introduced in 2017. The RETRO series uniquely blends modern materials with a desirable nostalgic retro appearance inspired by early 20th-century switches. For rotary controls, it even replicates the characteristic clicking sound associated with toggle switches. The collection is also available with toggle controls.

VECTIS – A new collection from 2020. These switches operate using a toggle mechanism, popular particularly in foreign markets. The minimalist aluminum panel, available in rectangular or round shapes, comes in white and black matte finishes, as well as antique gold and a brushed finish in four shades. The switches can be equipped with one or two toggles.

Other OBZOR Manufacturing Productions

In addition to cam switches for industry and residential switches and sockets, OBZOR has long been engaged in the production of components for the automotive industry, manufacturing small electrical accessories, as well as producing medical dispensers and dental cases for dentures and orthodontic appliances.

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