New painting, a thorough cleaning, or simply a desire for a change in the appearance of the interior electrical installation at home... All of these can be reasons for dismantling the decorative frames of switches and outlets. Although this procedure may seem complex and perhaps a bit hazardous, there's no need to worry about it. So, how do you go about it?

Before starting to dismantle the decorative parts of switches and outlets, it is necessary to first disconnect the power supply to avoid the risk of electric shock in case of careless manipulation. For a switch, the cover is first removed by gently pulling its top or bottom. Under this cover, there is a connecting plastic part that also needs to be taken out. A screwdriver will suffice for this task, by rotating and releasing two securing tabs at the top or bottom of the connecting piece. The decorative frame of the switch can then be easily removed from the wall.

To dismantle the decorative piece of an outlet, it's necessary to unscrew the securing screw on the top cover part. This will release the part and allow it to be removed, as well as the outlet frame itself.

a) Firstly, it is necessary to remove the cover of the switch.

b) By gently turning the screwdriver, the securing tabs of the connecting piece will be released.

c) Now, the connecting plastic part can be taken out, followed by the frame.

For an outlet, the top cover piece is inserted into the installed frame, which is secured by tightening the screw.

a) The connecting piece is inserted into the installed decorative frame.

b) The connecting plastic part is secured by applying gentle pressure from the front.

c) Then, the cover can be easily snapped back into place.

When installing glass frames, it is important to exercise extra caution, as over-tightening could cause them to crack.

ATTENTION! The connection of a switch or outlet device should always be performed by a person with appropriate electrical qualifications!