Glass surfaces have taken center stage in interior design in recent years. This popular material is increasingly being used not only for large interior spaces but also in impressive details, such as the frames of household switches and outlets. With their visually delicate beauty, they can captivate, as seen in collections like DECENTE and RETRO.

Frames for home electrical installations now offer a wide range of color shades while maintaining a timeless design, made possible by using glass. Glass switches and outlets, along with their frames, are crafted from pure glass, with a layer of durable, abrasion-resistant colored lacquer applied to the underside.

Glossy, Matte, and Mirrored

The DECENTE collection of household switches offers its slim glass frames in a rectangular shape in a total of eighteen color shades, including four in a matte finish and two with a mirrored effect. The matte frames, which resist fingerprint marks, are available in variations of timeless white, original bronze, minimalist metallic grey, and elegant black. The mirrored frames come in shaded tones of bronze and steel. Among the remaining twelve glossy colors, you'll find options like mocha, creamy white, indigo, palm green, and cherry red. Thanks to these extensive color choices, both the glass outlets and switches from the DECENTE collection can perfectly adapt to the needs and harmonize with the interior or create an impactful contrast within it.

Indigo colour frame

Mocca colour frame

Milk white colour frame

Ice green colour frame

Steel grey colour frame

Mirror steel frame

Cherry red colour frame

Black matt colour frame

Cream white colour frame

Dove grey colour frame

Bronze matt colour frame

Chocolate brown colour frame.

Modern Retro

Glass switches can also be a fitting addition to interiors with a retro design. Nostalgia in a modern approach is offered by the RETRO collection, which keeps up with current trends while presenting its distinctly round frame in an unconventional glass design available in both white and black variations.

White frame

Black frame

White frame

Black frame