Outdoor lighting has its own specific requirements. Therefore, the selection of outdoor switches and outlets needs to be tailored to the demanding climatic conditions of the outdoor environment. Electrical devices with an IP 44 protection rating are standard for such settings.

For outdoor use, outdoor switches and outlets with an IP 44 protection rating are designed. This rating ensures that the electrical device is safeguarded against dripping as well as splashing water from all angles, and even prevents the ingress of small foreign objects. Snow, rain, and dust pose no harm to household electrical devices equipped with this level of protection. An example of such equipped household electrical installation is the ELEGANT AQUA series, featuring switches and outlets with an internal rubber seal that tightly wraps around the device's body and surrounding components, completely preventing water penetration. ELEGANT AQUA outlets are equipped with a transparent spring-loaded cover, unlike standard outlets. This cover can be easily flipped upward for socket use and automatically returns to its original position. Devices from the ELEGANT AQUA collection can thus be confidently placed on terraces, balconies, pergolas, and various outdoor shelters.

Durable Frames in a Wide Range of Shades

The outdoor switches and outlets in the ELEGANT AQUA series are made from robust polycarbonates, enhancing their overall mechanical durability and resilience. Additionally, this material incorporates effective UV stabilizers to prevent color fading. The elegant square frame with subtle curvature on the sides offers a diverse range of shades. Pastel, vibrant, and metallic colors are available, which can be freely combined on the decorative frames and control covers.

When a Motion Sensor Helps

Motion sensors can serve as a practical element for outdoor lighting by automatically activating the lights. When you step onto a terrace or into a garden, the motion sensor detects movement and triggers the lights for a specified duration. These detectors have a wide range, typically ranging from 8 to 20 meters. The detection angle for wall-mounted motion sensors is 180 degrees, while for ceiling-mounted ones, it can be up to 360 degrees. Traditional PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors activate the lights only upon detecting motion. However, motion detectors with an acoustic sensor will also activate the lights upon sensing sound. Adverse weather conditions do not affect the functionality of these detectors.