The range of home electrical installations no longer offers just ordinary switches and outlets... In modern interiors, communication outlets and intelligent systems have found their place, allowing electrical installations to be tailored precisely to your needs, thus facilitating operations throughout the entire household.

Communication Outlets

Outlets equipped with USB ports, HDMI connectors for connecting personal computers to projectors, card readers, or antenna outlets for satellite and television connections... all of these belong to the category of communication outlets. For example, a USB outlet serves for more convenient charging of small electronic accessories like mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, cameras, wireless headphones, and more. In addition to its convenience, one of its advantages is that it doesn't require any special prior preparation for installation. This means that when installing it instead of a standard electrical outlet, there's no need to modify the existing electrical wiring. Firstly, the top cover of a standard outlet needs to be unscrewed and removed. Then, the inner electrical mechanism is replaced with a USB block, which converts the standard 230 V AC voltage to 5 V DC and 2100 mA. Finally, a cover with a USB port is installed, and the USB outlet is ready to use! Depending on the model series of the home electrical installation, variants with one or two USB connectors are available.

USB + PC outlet

2x USB charging outlet

HDMI + PC outlet

2x PC outlet

Solutions for Controlling Smart Systems.

A different story is then passive switches for smart homes in the DECENTE collection. These passive switches, designed for controlling intelligent systems within a home, are compatible with all smart systems on the market and, after individual professional programming, can serve, for instance, to activate a security system, control blinds, or disconnect high-risk appliances.