Counts and placements of switches and outlets in the kitchen always need to be planned in advance based on its future equipment, both from the perspective of furniture cabinets and the planned arrangement of kitchen appliances. But how high should you install them? And how far from the sink?

Detailed planning of household electrical installation can save you time and a lot of trouble later on. Discovering, once the kitchen is already finished, that there's a missing outlet somewhere or that kitchen cabinets hinder its access is very unpleasant. Regarding the height placement of household electrical installation, although it's a relatively individual matter, certain rules are recommended to be followed. Switches are commonly placed, from a practical standpoint, usually right next to the doors, at a height of approximately 120 centimeters - measured from the floor to the center of the device. Outlets are typically installed at a height of 20 to 30 centimeters from the floor. However, in the case of their placement above the kitchen counter workspace, it's aesthetically appropriate to position them at the same level as the switches.

Slightly different rules apply near water sources, where particular attention must be paid to the sufficient distance of placement of electrical installation devices, as determined by technical standards. For example, the placement of outlets in the kitchen near the sink is defined by the so-called "washing area," which is an imaginary strip of wall rising in the width of the sink from the floor up to a height of 250 centimeters. Outlets can be positioned at the edge of this area, but only at a minimum height of 120 centimeters from the floor. If you need to install an outlet lower, it's necessary to maintain a twenty-centimeter distance from this boundary.

Trendy Kitchens are Made up of Trendy Details.

The era of uniform household electrical installations has long passed – today, you can choose stylish pieces made from modern materials for your switches and outlets, not only in the kitchen! For example, the DECENTE collection of household switches and outlets, with its four-millimeter slim rectangular frame, offers a wide range of materials, including natural wood, timeless glass, and elegant metal, which will add an exceptional look to every corner of your kitchen.


Are you planning to furnish your kitchen in a minimalist style with simple lines? Pieces from the VECTIS collection will complement it beautifully, available in both square and elegant round shapes. The design-clean aluminum frame, available in exclusive color shades, is complemented, in the case of switches, by a subtle toggle that controls the lighting.

Or conversely, do you admire the nostalgic retro style and would like to furnish your kitchen exactly in that manner? The rounded shape of the RETRO series frames, which can be made from ceramics, wood, or glass pairs well with bricks, concrete, as well as the tried-and-true ceramic cladding of the kitchen counter. The nostalgic effect is further enhanced by the characteristic click of switches reminiscent of those from the first republic era in Czechia.


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