Cam switches are commonly used in both industrial machines and various sizes of garden and home machines. The longevity and reliability of our cam switches are the result of over 50 years of experience, precise manufacturing processes, thorough testing of all parameters, and 100% production control of mechanical and electrical durability.

Safety First

We initiated the production of our own line of cam switches in the 1970s. Our cam switches are labeled as VSN and VSR, designed to handle nominal currents of up to 250 amperes, with a strong emphasis on their safety. All of our cam switches also function as disconnectors according to their technical specifications, and this functionality is certified. Unfortunately, many cam switches from other manufacturers lack this safety feature, which, unlike our switches, somewhat restricts their otherwise broad range of applications.

Professional testing

The types and methods of testing cam switches are prescribed by electrical engineering standards. By meeting these requirements, OBZOR guarantees the suitability of cam switches for use in European markets. During the tests, factors such as current capacity and switch durability at low and high temperatures are verified. These tests effectively demonstrate that, for example, a 16-ampere switch can mechanically withstand more than 250,000 switching cycles at operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +55°C.

100% Output Inspection

The final production operation in the manufacturing of cam switches is their 100% output inspection. Not a single cam switch leaves the OBZOR factory without undergoing thorough testing and scrutiny. The quality verification process begins with our suppliers, where we require technical specifications and relevant certificates for all materials and components acquired, declaring the required parameters. Prior to incorporating individual parts into the switch assembly, a technical inspection is conducted, covering both visual assessment and measurements.

Following the assembly of the switches, a 100% visual and functional test is performed using electrical testing equipment. If any malfunction or deviation from the specified requirements is identified during the final output inspection, our technical control personnel investigate the cause of the issue and take measures to rectify it.

Customized CAM Switches

We offer standard catalog switch programs as well as customized switches. Our practical configurator on our website will assist you in assembling the cam switch. You can choose the switch series, switching scheme, mounting method, and its visual appearance. However, if you need guidance in selecting a suitable switch and its specifications for specific design purposes, feel free to contact our Technical Support Department, which will assist you with requirements for both conventional and customized switches.

Quality Assurance of Cam Switches

We offer a 5-year warranty on all types of switches, making us one of the few cam switch manufacturers to provide such an extensive guarantee. This commitment underlines our strong belief in the quality of our products.

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