Wood is a highly popular material in interior design, and its popularity remains strong over time. Its natural beauty complements not only large furniture surfaces and flooring but also small decorative elements, such as household electrical devices. Natural wood grain is featured on their frames, offering wooden switches and socket in the DECENTE and RETRO collections.

Diverse Wood Varieties for Perfect Harmony

Natural wood evokes a pleasant and warm feeling in interior spaces, and therefore, it should not be spared even in the details. However, for a harmonious outcome, it is crucial to carefully choose a combination of different wood varieties, as each has its unique color and texture. For the DECENTE and RETRO series of household electrical installations, we have drawn inspiration from various tree species, allowing everyone to select wooden switches in precisely the shade that best corresponds to the rest of the room's furnishings.

We manufacture slim wooden frames of DECENTE switches and sockets from MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), onto which we apply a thin layer of natural veneer on both sides. This veneer is available in three finishes – oak, walnut, and mahogany. The individual wood shade can be complemented by selecting a top cover in classic white or black, as well as in metallic finishes such as titanium, graphite, aluminum, or gold.

Wooden frame - mahogany

Wooden frame - wallnut

Wooden frame - oak

Wooden frame - oak

For the nostalgic round frames in the RETRO collection, we use natural solid wood, available in three variations – maple, light oak, and dark oak. These can be complemented with a white or black cover featuring a switch or an socket lever in the center.

Wooden frame - maple

Wooden frame - dark oak

Wooden frame - beech

Wooden frame - light oak

Wooden switches and sockets from both collections also come in configurations with multiple frames, accommodating up to a maximum of four devices in a single row.

Wooden Switches are Durable

For color stability and overall material durability, natural wooden frames of household electrical installations are treated with a special clear water-based lacquer. This lacquer also prevents moisture absorption. Therefore, you can confidently place wooden DECENTE and RETRO switches and socket even in demanding environments, such as the bathroom. However, please note that wooden frames should not come into direct contact with water.