Motion sensor BEG 180-KNX - Colour: light oak

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DSR B8-00000-1121

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PIR sensor B.E.G. type 180-KNX, wall-mounted motion detector with integrated BUS connector and with acoustic sensor.
The thermostat is always supplied with a frame - wooden (oak, dark oak, maple) or glass (white, black) More


Wall-mounted presence detector KNX with acoustic sensor and integrated BUS connector. When using  B.E.G._Occupancy detector_928XX_V5.0, several operating modes are available: *

Dimensions (h x w x d) mounting depth 36 mm


Voltage KNX
Coverage angle 180° vertically
Range max. 10 m
Twillight setting 2 - 2000 lx
Time setting  
Protection IP20 / class II
  1. Automatic or semi-automatic mode with light intensity-dependent regulation or switching output.
  2. Slave mode.
  3. Up to three additional switching channels - optional dependence on daylight.
  4. Required delay time values can be set for all channels via communication objects.
  5. Ignition function is adjustable from 1 to 100 hours.
  6. Equipped with an activatable signaling LED, which can be deactivated through ETS parameters, communication objects, or remote control.


Device type motion sensors